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What is a

Workplace is the transformation of conventional office space into specially designed areas and facilities for enhancing business collaborations between employees. Communication is everything and the strategy behind a successful workplace is to create space & infrastructure where people can do just that!

Workplace Technologies (WT) are the Intelligent IT Solutions that compliment the business needs of a workplace. These technologies enable people to collaborate & communicate more efficiently & effectively. WT can be summarized into the following 3 elements:

INTELLIGENCE Data Analytics that Guide & Facilitate important decision-making
COLLABORATION tools enabling people to Communicate more effectively
INFRASTRUCTURE which Workplace Technologies will be built onto

Changing times requires changing technologies — allowing people to work more freely
Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Workplace Transformation
Post Covid-19

With the impact of Covid - 19 on companies, people all around the globe as well as the Workplace will also be transforming to become more Collaborative and Agile while many employees will be trending to Working from Home. Understanding this imminent change, Komstadt can offer a full range of Workplace Solutions that able to solve Social Distancing, Space Management as well as Work-from-Home challenges.

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Workplace Technologies
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Utilizing technologies to make Office & Room Automation easier to use. Utilizing Intelligence to collect data for analytics, reporting & space planning. Both these elements help transform offices into more Smart, Efficient & Effective workplaces.

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Smart Office & Room

Smart Office and Smart Room provide users with an “One Touch” control to manage the different functionalities & technologies of an office or room. Automation aims to achieve best User Experience.

Hot Desking

Hot Desking enables the booking, management and sharing of desks & workspaces to maximize user count for operational cost saving.

Room Booking

Enabling the ability to book, reserve and manage meeting rooms & facilities to reduce manpower and increase productivity.

Space Occupancy

Enabling the ability to capture desk and room occupancy information for offices and buildings with real-time data and report generation for real estate management purposes.



Collaboration is the way forward in communications between people for achieving business objectives. Companies are creating more collaborative facilities for employees and, in turn, increasing productivity.

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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is one of the most effective form of face-to-face communications between people and places anywhere around the world.

Town Hall

Enabling Real-Time Broadcasting of live Town Hall events or functions to offices, desktops and user mobile devices anywhere around the world.

Mobile Integration

Enabling the integration of corporate applications to user mobile devices allowing ease of access and increased productivity

Digital Signage

Digital signage enables the broadcasting of corporate digital media & contents to any office locations around the world under a single system.



Every company needs a strong and robust IT Infrastructure in order to carry out business operations in a safe, secure & effective way. With a proper IT Infrastructure, everything can be designed & built atop of including Workplace Technologies.

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Network & Security

Enabling the network infrastructure to support data traffic for the technologies while securing & protecting the same network against intruders.

Wireless Network

Enabling the secured network connection of any wireless, mobile and handheld devices which is now a necessity to any business environment.

Structured Cabling

Enabling the physical connectivity required between all technology equipment within a business environment.

CCTV & Access Control

Enabling safe and secure physical access to an office premises and CCTV surveillance with real time digital video capturing, storage & retrieval.