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What is a

Workplace is the transformation of conventional office space into specially designed areas and facilities for enhancing business collaborations between employees. Communication is everything and the strategy behind a successful workplace is to create space & infrastructure where people can do just that!

Workplace Technologies (WT) are the Intelligent IT Solutions that compliment the business needs of a workplace. These technologies enable people to collaborate & communicate more efficiently & effectively. WT can be summarized into the following 3 elements:

INTELLIGENCE Data Analytics that Guide & Facilitate important decision-making
COLLABORATION tools enabling people to Communicate more effectively
INFRASTRUCTURE which Workplace Technologies will be built onto

Changing times requires changing technologies — allowing people to work more freely
Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

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Workplace Technologies
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The New Workplace Trend

As companies are adapting to new workplace changes, many have been integrating private and sound-insulated Collaboration Booths into their open office designs and hybrid working strategies. These office booths are valuable assets that allow for cross-functional collaboration within an organization and for sharing ideas on a global scale. With a full range of Workplace Solutions that Komstadt offers, Collaboration Booths will easily transform the traditional workplace environment into efficient coworking hubs, while solving Space Management, Occupancy, and Work-From-Home challenges.

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Smart Office & Room

Smart Office and Smart Room provide users with an “One Touch” control to manage the different functionalities & technologies of an office or room. Automation aims to achieve best User Experience.

Hot Desking

Hot Desking enables the booking, management and sharing of desks & workspaces to maximize user count for operational cost saving.

Room Booking

Enabling the ability to book, reserve and manage meeting rooms & facilities to reduce manpower and increase productivity.

Space Occupancy

Enabling the ability to capture desk and room occupancy information for offices and buildings with real-time data and report generation for real estate management purposes.



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Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing is no longer just a face-to-face communication tool but now, a “Collaborative Need” requiring accessibility, sound & video quality and a user experience like never before.

Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Enabling the Microsoft cloud-based applications such as O365, M365, Teams Room & Teams Voice to enhance collaboration, user experiences and productivity across all businesses

Town Hall

Enabling Real-Time Broadcasting of live Town Hall events or functions to offices, desktops and user mobile devices anywhere around the world.

Collaboration Booths

Collaboration Booths enable quiet workspaces for co-working, private meetings, live streams and video conferences. It is a fit-for-growth solution for current workplace trends.



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Network & Security

Enabling the network infrastructure to support data traffic for the technologies while securing & protecting the same network against intruders.

Wireless Network

Enabling the secured network connection of any wireless, mobile and handheld devices which is now a necessity to any business environment.

Structured Cabling

Enabling the physical connectivity required between all technology equipment within a business environment.

CCTV & Access Control

Enabling safe and secure physical access to an office premises and CCTV surveillance with real time digital video capturing, storage & retrieval.