Collaboration Booths enable productive, safe & quiet workspaces 
for employees and clients to co-work, engage in private meetings, and
host live streams or video conferences. It’s a transformational 
fit-for-growth solution for organizations that need a cost-effective and 
flexible business strategy to pursue the current workplace trends.

Intelligent Booth Solution

Our Solutions

Office Pods

Privacy in the Workplace
Komstadt offers a range of private and soundproof office pods that tailor to the flexible design of your workplace environment. Whether for engaging in office work in a quiet setting, voice & video conference calls, or collaborating with colleagues in private, our team of consultants can provide Office Pod Solutions based on floor plans and various business functionalities.

Privacy Pods

Privacy in Public Areas
As employees may be required to commute between places during business hours, Privacy Pods serve as quiet spaces for ad-hoc meetings in public areas, such as shopping malls and metro stations. All customizable with automated payment gateways.

Medical Pods

Remote Consultations
In an effort to improve access to health care, fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, and combat open area noise issues, Komstadt presents a Medical Pod Solution for remote communication between patients, clinicians, and specialists via video conferencing systems and built-in heart rate & blood pressure sensors.

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