Digital Signage is an effective form of distributed marketing & announcement for many corporations across multiple floors, building and cities. Signage can be in the form of TV Wall or large flat screens placed in strategic location throughout the Workplace

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Digital Signage

Commercial & Professional Displays
Komstadt offers a wide range of digital signages and display screens that suits all types of business functionalities. Whether it's a low bezel TV Wall, signage or professional display screen, our team of consultants can spec out the correct screen type & size required based on room size & details.

Advanced Display

Advanced Digital Displays
As technology moves forward, so does the digital display that are available in the market. Whether it's curved screens, external screens or modular displays, the use of these technologies will no doubt enhance the proposed corporate offices.

Digital Projection Solution

Projector & Projection Screens
Even with the fanciest bells & whistles, some clients may still insist on installing ceiling mount projectors with high-gain projection screens. This is, by far, the most cost-effective solution when comparing Cost vs Screen Size.

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