Whether via Teams, Zoom or Webex, Video Conferencing is still one of the most effective forms of Face-to-Face communication without having the need for all parties to be physically present in the same place.  Recent technologies enhance the conferencing experience through improved video & acoustics, content sharing & easy collaborations over multi-platforms & devices.

Our Solutions

Video Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing Solutions
Video conferencing is one of the most effective ways to meet and collaborate. Technologies are available to drastically improve User Experience by enhanced video & audio images and content sharing with endless collaborative functions. Do contact us for a free consultation service of what solution best fit your organization.

Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud Security Solutions
With companies migrating to major cloud conferencing platforms such as Teams, Webex, Zoom & Bluejeans, Security is now becoming the No.1 concern for businesses operating under this Cloud environment. Komstadt offers top tier and customizable security solutions that protects organization against these cyber attacks and related security threats. Please contact our security specialist for an evaluation.

Huddle Rooms

All-in-One Conferencing Solution
Huddle Rooms have become one of the most popular room types for collaboration. This downsized room type is efficient and appealing to smaller audience groups. Conferencing in Huddle Rooms via a variety of All-In-One solutions can be simple and cost-effective. Through our expertise, Komstadt can recommend the best available Huddle Room Solutions to match your need.

Interactive Whiteboards

Collaborative Display Screens & Solutions
Interactive display screens or white boards are effective tools for larger user groups. This solution provides a combination of video conferencing along with real-time sharing, drawing and editing of digital contents which is why it's very popular among companies.

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