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Komstadt is a member of the USGBC (US Green Building Council) and a supporter of Green Technology. Implementing system resulting in energy savings will be beneficial for both the businesses and the environment. The energy required to service a Data Center accounts for a significant percentage of the utility expenses and companies are always evaluating different ways of reducing this type of overhead. Deployment of energy saving solution such as Cold Aisle Containment (CAC), Power Management & Monitoring and Innovative Lighting can all help businesses achieve these goals. Komstadt understand the importance of saving our planet and can advise & assist with the design and implementation of these systems.


Going Green on Data Centers




Data Center / Server Room provides the facilities necessary to safely and securely house core servers & networks of all major banking and financial institutions. There are many threats and unforeseen dangers that can impact and ultimately suspend the operations of a Data Center. Critical threats such as power outage, physical breach, fire hazards, overheating, can all generate an extensive amount of damage or impact on operations of these institutions. However, these same threats can be minimized and prevented through Robust Data Center design, facilities monitoring and implementation of environmental systems to form counter measures against these threat to achieve a smooth and robust operation which every bank is looking for.


Robust Data Center Design Today means less headaches Tomorrow!




In any large organization, there will always be requirements for migration & relocation of technology equipment to serve the business needs. Whether it’s the relocation of Data Centers or Server Room to new building, Move, Add & Changes (MAC) or just restacking of users from floor to floor, the need to professionally migrate technology equipment will always be an important aspect of IT. The experienced planning and project management of these moves can serious impact the business if the implementation is not done properly. Imagine the Data Center not operational after a move, or the Dealing Desk users cannot perform their trades after a move, any of these scenarios will cause serious concerns for not only IT but the general management of the business as well.


Komstadt can provide the expertise required by global banks and financial institutions to plan, coordinate and manage any migration or relocation of IT infrastructure in a professional manner. We have been moving the technology of MNC for many years and will continue to serve for many years ahead.