Physical security to any business environment has always been an important element in protecting the company’s assets.  Access control system, burglar alarms and CCTV are standard provisioning in securing premises. Komstadt can offer clients with a site evaluation in providing a secured and robust solution.

Our Solutions

Access Control Solutions

Access Control Solutions
Access control system can utilize either proximity or biometrics pairings to gain access into premises. Security level access parameters will be required at the design stage to ensure that proper access & security clearance are granted to the proper personnels.

CCTV & Remote Management

CCTV & Remote Monitoring Solutions
CCTV is also becoming a necessity in security for any premises in capturing video feeds over an extended duration of time. Camera & lens types and strategic placement will be based on clients' security plan and be part of the initial design process.

Digital Recording Solution

Digital Recording Solutions
Digital Recording can be integrated with the CCTV system to capture video feeds from predetermined cameras. The feeds (both real-time & extended duration) can be accessed both locally & remotely for management review process.To ensure that you have the most appropriate digital recording solution to suit your site requirements and budget, Komstadt offers a comprehensive range of systems and device capabilities for your choice.

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