Anything & everything revolves around the network today. Komstadt provides the necessary experience and knowledge in helping customers design and build robust & secured networks that are needed to serve and support the latest technologies.

Our Solutions

Network & Security

Network Infrastructure
Komstadt offers a series of Networking solutions that is robust, resilience, and secured. The solution must safeguard the network infrastructure against both internal & external threats & attacks. The system also needs to control access as well as ensure privacy for all communications. These are some of the key factors for consideration when designing networks for our clients.

Managed Network

Network Management Solution
Komstadt offers a managed network solution that allows the option to manage individual office networks throughout the region in a single location. This helps reduce high labor cost and the difficulty to retain staff. Komstadt can also provide the managed services option if required.

Regional Connectivity

MPLS/Mesh Solutions for Regional Offices
Komstadt specializes in providing Enterprise Network Solutions including Mesh MPLS services, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), Internet Connectivity & Access and Network Security Solutions for clients throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

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