Wireless Network is part of the IT Infrastructure that provides the connectivity to mobile and wireless devices roaming within the boundaries of a workplace. With the increasing presence of IOTs and mobile devices, the wireless network will need to be more robust & secure than ever to support these technologies.

Our Solutions

Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN Solution
Komstadt offers a total end-to-end Wireless solution including Wireless AP (Access Points), application based antennas, and Wireless Controllers. We offer the latest Wi-Fi 6 based on IEEE 802.11ax protocol to deliver an entirely new mobile experience for the users. The wireless infrastructure also lays the basic infrastructure for demanding bandwidth applications and IoT devices.

Wireless Integration

Wireless Integration with Mobile Devices
Our wireless integration service is well-versed to support the latest IOTs and workplace technologies along with a full range of mobile computing devices. Additionally, our team can provide off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom solutions that are completely platform independent. This strategy helps clients decide the best choice for their specific needs and for maximizing ROI in wireless technologies.

Survey & Heatmap

Site Survey & Heat-Map Analysis
Whether it's a new office or a renovation project, Komstadt offers Wireless LAN site surveys and heat-mapping services to properly assess new sites. Signals are often blocked by partitions & ceilings, and an assessment of wireless coverage, signal strength, capacity, roaming capability, and quality of service is essential for any organization.

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