As real estate and office rental costs continue to rise, the option to implement Hot-Desking or Desk Reservation Systems is becoming more attractive for businesses that are looking to reduce overhead. Using 100 desks to serve 150-200 employees can significantly save on both rent & operational costs.

Our Solutions

Hot Desking

Desk Reservation & Management System
Hot-Desking solutions provide a desk reservation and management system that can help companies significantly save on both rental & operational costs. Companies can utilize this system to operate a designated number of desks, as well as to support and manage the users with monthly data & utilization reports.

Open Kiosk Reservation

Desk Reservation Portal
Desk booking can be achieved by means of an open Kiosk Reservation system — accessible to users in key strategic areas of the office. Alternatively, Kiosk can be converted to a larger size Touch Screen offering the same functionalities. The portal can be customized based on user & company booking requirements.

Mobile Reservation

Mobile Web Reservation Portal
For User convenience, Desk Booking can also be achieved via user mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. Application is easily downloadable in both iOS and Android — allowing users to conveniently reserve desks anywhere and anytime.

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