Smart Offices & Rooms are equipped with all the “Bells & Whistles” to facilitate the collaboration needs of businesses. What makes a room Smart is the ease of control and use for the end-users. Rooms are often so sophisticated that a user does not even want to engage. Smart Rooms should be designed with “User Experience” in mind for “Simplicity First”

Our Solutions

Smart Office

Office Automation System
Smart Office is becoming more of a necessity for many companies instead of a luxury. As technologies for an office become more & more sophisticated, so do their controls and functions that come along with it. A Centralized Control System can offer users a “One-Touch” setting for handling a full array of functions and complex settings to serve the room needs.

Smart Conference Room

Room Automation
Smart Room make users happy! Simple to use & easy to operate is key for users trying to manage the complex technologies inside any Conference Room. Controls can be centralized to a single Touch Panel for “One-Touch” control for conferencing & presentation needs while the system will automatically handle the individual rooms elements including calling, projection, lighting, acoustics and even the blinds.

Multi-Function Rooms

Room Automation
Divisible or Multi-function Rooms provides the added benefits of having the ability to serve large business functions when required. Converting multiple smaller rooms into one larger room requires a control system to enable matching for all the audio, video and conferencing systems as well.

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