Structured Cabling System provides the fundamental backbone of the network connectivity between all technology equipment. A well-designed cabling system that ensures robust network connections & performance to all devices is critical for demanding businesses.

Our Solutions

Copper & Fiber Solutions

Copper & Fiber Connectivity Solutions
Komstadt offers a full range of Copper & Fiber solutions from prominent manufacturer that cater to any technology and business requirements. Komstadt is also certified by some of the most prominent manufacturers in the industry to deploy & warrant their systems.

Frame & Racking Solutions

Open Frames & Racking Solutions
Komstadt opens a full range of open high-density open-frame & racking solutions. The racking solutions can be complemented and integrated with a full range of modular baskets, trays, and shelves to meet the needs of clients.

Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions
A full range of Data Center solutions are available including UPS / power, cooling, facilities monitoring, and fire suppression systems can be incorporated with the overall design.

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